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Hi, I’m Marko Filipić.

I am Marketing Angel,

I Invest in Businesses, I Increase their Sales,

Boost up their Profits,

I Build their Winning Marketing Strategy &

I ensure BIZ Growth.

Maro Filipić

Angel Strategy & Planning

Bringing the know-how, technology, and scale to think and deliver BIG on your company’s greatest strengths.

I help business to improve performance and position themselves for success by assessing how internal and external changes affect progress towards strategic goals, with foresight and analysis of competitive dynamics and considering the business’ key capabilities.

Angel BIZ Development 

I ensure sustainable BIZ growth by exploring and implementing new business opportunities. Meaning I increas business revenues, I ensure growth in terms of business expansion, increasing profitability by building strategic partnerships and making strategic business decisions. The success of my business activities and the mentioned services is guaranteed by the cooperation agreement, undoubtedly making my actions a unique exception in business practice.

Angel Marketing & BIZ Growth

I ensure the most efficient marketing whose level of efficiency has not been reached by any active marketing agency or related business services.

This means that the services of my angel marketing provide the business with the fastest seen revenue growth, and the cost of advertising itself is covered entirely by me. Why? Because I am

a true Marketing Angel, and my benefit undoubtedly lies in the strong growth of the business in question.


"The MAN" intro

I have over 15 years of successful business experience, which includes business development and promotion, very often for some of the most challenging and famous companies, campaigns, startups - these companies often need effective business innovation with only positive promotional results  - I have succeeded in doing just that, without exception.

Although my experience in marketing covers almost all business sectors, I would especially highlight my many years of work in B2C and B2B development and promotion, which gives me in today's market a unique advantage in everyday business.

Precisely because of my business knowledge and experience, I am in a position to guarantee my business results, and that is why today, instead of various clients hiring me for my services, I invest my own funds and my knowledge / skills to improve their business.

My services are charged only from additional value, i.e. from the growth of the turnover of a certain business. If I do not achieve significant growth of a particular business, it is not obliged to pay me anything for my services. But I am pretty confident in my own success, which is why I invest my own funds in the growth of business.

Therefore, if you have a quality offer of services or products, but your current marketing does not meet the full potential of your offer, be sure to contact me and ensure strong growth of your business.

I'll Give you Angel BIZ Growth Tips 

Here's How You Can Reach Me

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